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Clare Gayler

Kaboom founder

Why did u start kaboom?

I have been passionate about Dance, Music & synchronized movement for as long as I can remember. Kaboom was born as a Salsa dance troupe I started back in 2010. I had been teaching dance & then fitness as a part time gig since I was a teenager and it soon became my full time career after my full time job made me redundant. Kaboom helped me really be confident with myself at a time of great change, create positive connections with others and also stay fit, healthy and happy.  More and more people started joining Kaboom. I then discovered Zumba which combined my love for dance and fitness.


My life's journey connected me to yoga. I met with a car crash in 2007 and I was told I wouldn’t be able to walk again let alone dance! My determination to fully recover led me to Yoga which aided in my full recovery by addressing both physical and the psychological. At the end I came out of trauma both stronger and a better person than I started off. Yoga completed the circle for what Kaboom is right now!

A transformative wellness studio.


Life is about following your dreams and staying true to yourself by doing what you love. I always loved fashion and particularly making my own clothes. After I started Kaboom I created clothes for my classes. My students and friends started asking me about my designs and soon started ordering them. I incorporated my love for fashion as a part of Kaboom by designing my very own clothing line. Kaboom fashion showcases casual, workout & yoga clothes for people who like vibrant colorful and fun outfits that boost the power of your performance by making you and others just burst with subliminal energy!

What were you doing before kaboom?

I was a nurse, a children's counsellor, a psychologist & lastly a management role in retail & finance. I soon realized that to me happiness was following what I love to do and all the skills I have acquired in the past have helped me make Kaboom my life's work I’m immensely proud to share with all of you.

How has kaboom helped you become a better person?

Kaboom is a way for me to help people find joy and happiness in their own skin. Teaching is learning and learning is teaching - every class makes me look forward to the next. Kaboom keeps me connected to what’s real - “Love above all” 


Kaboom has helped me along this journey called life in physical rehabilitation after trauma as well as overcome depression after a debilitating accident right after being made redundant!

Who did I design kaboom for?

For myself and all of you! Anyone can Kaboom - we welcome any age and level of physical strength.

How did yoga and zumba help during and post covid?

 I contracted Covid 19 in March 2020; it turned my life upside down. I was at a peak and suddenly I was dealing with illness, lockdown, managing my business & keeping it all together as my mind and body was going through an upheaval as well as a fear of slipping into depression. Yoga and Zumba kept me alive kept me alive and stimulated mentally and physically.. I am truly honored and grateful to be sharing my stories with all of you as we Kaboom together!

an interview with clare
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