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Getting more connected with your core being is a feeling like no other.!


About Kaboom

Kaboom is a transformative wellness studio that enables you to become a better you through Yoga & Zumba classes delivered by Clare Gayler and her team of expert trainers..

Meeting your truest most vibrant self feels like an explosion - this blissful feeling of the cells in our body waking up and becoming active and aware is most commonly referred to as "happiness". 


Kaboom fitness & fashion is a wellness studio created by founder Clare Gayler in 2011. The Kaboom family has grown through the years and is spread across the world. We offer people the combined power of yoga & zumba delivered to help you become a better you!

Choose to join an individual class Yoga or Zumba, We will have subscription based plans for you soon!

We now offer all our classes on a donation basis. Pay what you can.
about kaboom

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