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On one particular day, my friends couldn't make it to class so I made the effort to go to alone. This was a big step for me as my confidence was so low that doing things on my own was a big issue. I got through the class and had a coffee with my Zumba instructor Clare, who told me all about "Kaboom". She invited me to her class that evening and I've never looked back.

My whole life has changed - The "Kaboom" family has been so welcoming, I have so many new friends these days. I've gone from a shy, quivering person who couldn't talk to anyone or do anything in front of others to a much more sociable, happy and fun existence.

​No matter who you are when you walk through the door to your first "Kaboom" Zumba class, you'll be welcomed and feel comfortable instantly, whatever your shape, size or circumstance and your story will begin.......!!!!

"I've lost 4 stone in the last year thanks to the love and support of everyone, and I'd like to say special thank you to Clare who has supported me, kicked my butt when I've needed it, (which was pretty often), and who has just been there through every step of my journey."

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